English Subject Information

Within the English department we encourage student centred learning. Our ethos is to encourage, nurture and promote the growth of the students through student led activities. We strive to develop a pleasure in reading and a motivation to self-read, through facilitating fortnightly trips to our local library, which encompasses the value of the DEAR initiative.

A reading class is designated on the alternate week, where we take our first-year English class to our comfortable and cosy reading room on the school campus.

Another successful initiative which our students partake in is a penal programme with an established link with a school in the border region. Students build and develop their letter writing skills intermittently throughout the school year. This culminates in an end of year “meet up” activity between the two schools, rotating host school each year.

Our broad syllabus covers a wide variety of material including: drama, poetry, novels, media and film studies, which we proactively encourage all students to immerse themselves in.

World Book Day
We celebrate WBD each year with both staff and students dressing as their favourite literary character. We also facilitate a first year online quiz which focuses on elements of the English curriculum studied in class. This proves hugely popular among our students.