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Mobile Phone Policy

There is considerable and growing evidence that mobile phone usage in school is impacting negatively on learning and may constitute a threat to personal safety and individual privacy. Given the capacity of camera phones to take, send and store “inappropriate” material, it is difficult to justify their inclusion as a necessary accessory for students and, therefore, they should be actively discouraged in schools.

Consequently, the policy of Ardscoil Phádraig on mobile phone usage reads: Mobile phones (including ipods/mp3 players etc) are not permitted to be used in the school during school hours, including break times.

This policy in relation to mobile phones is to ensure:

  1. That classes are not interrupted by mobile phones
  2. That students are not late for class
  3. That students are concentrating exclusively in class on active learning
  4. That text/video bullying and intimidation is prevented.
  5. That individual privacy and personal safety are not undermined in the school community

Students, observed by teachers, using their phones will be reported to management and have their phones confiscated.  Parents may collect these phones from the school.

In very exceptional circumstances (School trips/ Out of School Matches), prior permission may be granted by the principal for the use of mobile phones.

As Ardscoil Phádraig operates an “open door” contact policy for parents, any necessary communication can be effected through the general office.

Students who need to communicate with parents/guardians may continue to do so from the school office with the permission of Year Head/Deputy/Principal.

The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones (including IPods/MP3 players) that are lost or misplaced.

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