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Health and Safety


If a student is ill during the day and is unable to attend class, he/she must inform the teacher who will report it immediately to the Principal/Deputy Principal or a member of staff acting on their behalf: the same procedure applies in the case of an accident.  In all cases the parent will be contacted in the first instance and notified of the situation.  Where the parent is unavailable, the school, acting in loco parentis, will ensure that the child gets the necessary medical care.  All expenses arising are the responsibility of the parents.  It is essential that the school has a direct contact number for all parents/guardians should any emergency arise. Staff are not permitted to administer any medicines to students. Designated personnel will intervene in the case of students who have specific medical needs, on parents’ request.


Students are required to participate in all formal recreational curricular activities. Students who, for health or other reasons, are prevented from so doing must provide a note signed by his/her guardian to that effect. In the event that a student is unable to participate on an on-going basis, a medical certificate is required.


All students should familiarise themselves with the school fire drill exit and assembly points. (See notices displayed in all classrooms). Information can be obtained from the schools safety officer.

Regular fire drills will take place at least once a term. Students are to follow all fire drill instructions as directed. Any interference with fire equipment or the fire alarm is a serious offence.

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