School Calendar 2019-2020

Term 1     Friday 23rd August – Friday 20th December 2019
Friday 23rd August  9.00 – 12 noon           First Years only
Monday 26th August  9.00 – 1.15 pm           First Years, Third Years and Sixth Years.
Tuesday 27th August  9.00 – 3.50 pm           All Students (Except Transition Years)
Tuesday 3rd September  9.00 – 3.50 pm           Transition Year Students
School Closed:     Monday 30th September 2019
Half Term: Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November 2019
Christmas Holidays:  Monday 23rd December 2019 – Friday 3rd January 2020
Term 2   Monday 6th January – Friday 3rd April 2020
Half Term:     Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February 2020
St Patrick’s Weekend       Monday 16th March and Tuesday 17th March 2020
Easter Holidays:  Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April 2020
Term 3     Monday 20th April – Friday 29th May 2020
Bank Holiday:  Monday 4th May 2020

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School News & Events

Code of Behaviour

The following document is the code of behaviour for Ardscoil Phádraig.  Every effort has been made to make sure it is a positive code of behaviour.

The ethos of our school places and expects good/appropriate and respectful behaviour as the norm.  Ardscoil Phádraig will always acknowledge and reciprocate this standard of behaviour among and throughout the entire school body.

All who come to Ardscoil Phádraig have the right to be educated in an atmosphere of respect and an organised learning environment.  Everybody has the right to a clean, safe and healthy environment.  All have the right to come to school to pursue their education without interference, bullying or intimidation.

Every right has a corresponding responsibility.  Inevitably some responsibilities remain undefined and it is the intention of the school to update this Code of Behaviour from time to time, as circumstances require.  In the meantime the list should not be regarded as complete or exhaustive and the mere fact that a particular matter is not specified in this code will not exonerate a pupil from blame should there be an infringement of another person’s right.

This code of behaviour is about enabling all members of the school community to feel valued, to have their achievements valued and to behave appropriately towards each other.


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