School Calendar 2018-2019

Term 1 Friday 24th August – Friday 21st December 2018

School Closed: Monday 24th September 2018

Half Term: Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November 2018

Christmas Holidays: Monday 24th December 2018 – Friday 4th January 2019


Term 2 Monday 7th January – Friday 12th April 2019

Half Term: Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February 2019

St Patrick’s Weekend Monday 18th March and Tuesday 19th March 2019

Easter Holidays: Monday 15th April – Friday 26th April 2019


Term 3 Monday 29th April – Friday 31st May 2019

Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2019

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School News & Events

Code of Behaviour

Respect is the principle of school life in Ardscoil Phádraig.

All members of the school community should show respect towards each other.  The code of behaviour of Ardscoil Phádraig reflects the fact that all have a responsibility to uphold this very important principle.

Right 1

Students in Ardscoil Phádraig have the right to be educated in an atmosphere of respect and an organised learning environment.


  1. It is my responsibility to show respect at all times for teachers, staff members, parents, fellow students, visitors and myself.
  2. I will wear full school uniform at all times, keep my hair and appearance neat and wear minimum jewellery / make-up.  P.E. gear must be brought in for that particular class.
  3. I should respect the opinions of others and I should be polite if I wish to express my opinion.
  4. It is my responsibility to come to school on time every day, to be punctual to class and prepared to work co-operatively with my teacher and classmates.
  5. If I am absent from school, I am responsible in accounting for it by presenting a written note in my school journal from my parent / guardian on return to school with a reason for the absence.
  6. I will have all required books, copies and other materials with me in class.
  7. I will do my class work and I will record my homework in the school journal and complete it properly and fully as assigned.
  8. I will use my journal to allow communications between home and school.
  9. It is my responsibility to obey all classroom rules.
  10. I must not be out of class without permission.


Right 2

Everybody at Ardscoil Phádraig has the right to work in a clean, safe and healthy environment.


  1. I will treat school property and the property of others with respect and play an active part in keeping the school clean, litter and graffiti free.  This is in keeping with the school’s Green School Policy.
  2. I will not chew gum in school.
  3. I will not smoke in school or on the school grounds.
  4. I will not bring illegal or toxic substances to school.
  5. I will follow safety regulations so as not to put my safety or the safety of others at risk.
  6. I will not deface school property.
  7. I will adhere to the mobile phone policy.
  8. I will show care not just for school but for the means of transport I use to and from school.
  9. I will be courteous and mannerly in the shops and on the streets in Granard.
  10. I will leave areas such as toilets and showers clean and ready for others to use.
  11. I will use lockers and toilets only at break times unless in exceptional circumstances.


Right 3

Students in Ardscoil Phádraig have the right to pursue their education without interference, bullying or intimidation.


  1. I understand that fighting, bad language and rough behaviour shows serious disrespect and will not be tolerated.
  2. I understand that pornographic material, insulting remarks etc. are offensive and will be treated very seriously.
  3. I understand that bullying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in a firm, fair and understanding manner.

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