School Calendar 2018-2019

Term 1 Friday 24th August – Friday 21st December 2018

School Closed: Monday 24th September 2018

Half Term: Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November 2018

Christmas Holidays: Monday 24th December 2018 – Friday 4th January 2019


Term 2 Monday 7th January – Friday 12th April 2019

Half Term: Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February 2019

St Patrick’s Weekend Monday 18th March and Tuesday 19th March 2019

Easter Holidays: Monday 15th April – Friday 26th April 2019


Term 3 Monday 29th April – Friday 31st May 2019

Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2019

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Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying is any deliberate act that results from a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten another person.  This is an abuse of power and results in pain and distress to its victims, who often feel powerless.  Usually bullying develops progressively over time; however, one incident can be sufficient to alert observers to an unwelcome tendency.

Bullying can be: – physical, verbal, social or psychological and may take many forms.


The aim of this policy is to formally record the role we all have at Ardscoil Phádraig in promoting RESPECT for all individuals, in providing all individuals with the right to seek redress through either a formal or an informal process.  Central to this policy is our ethos of RESPECT for one another within the school environs.

This policy recognises that harassment or bullying is a disciplinary matter.  It recognises that an appropriate support mechanism is needed both for the victims of bullying and for those accused of bullying.  It also acknowledges that success in dealing with any issue in relation to bullying involves active co-operation between teachers, parents and students.

Teachers should be aware of dramatic changes in behaviour, work patterns, peer group relationships, attendance etc.

Parents should be sensitive to similar changes and such things as vague illnesses and not wanting to go to school.

Students should be supportive of each other and break any perceived culture of silence.  Do tell someone in authority (Principal, Deputy/ Principal) or any member of staff.

It is essential that all school staff, the Board of Management, students and their parents work together in active partnership to guarantee that there is a consistency and effectiveness in this approach towards bullying, treating all reports of bullying seriously.


The Principal / Deputy Principal will respond urgently and sensitively to all reports concerning bullying, whether these reports come directly from a student, teacher or staff member.

  1. Incidents of bullying should be noted to the Principal / Deputy Principal.
  2. Records of all alleged bullying incidents will be recorded and observations will be made to recognise emerging patterns.
  3. Staff will be informed of suspicions.
  4. Victim / bully will be referred for counselling / psychological assessment as necessary.
  5. Sanctions (under Code of Discipline) for the bully.  The parents of both the victim and the bully will be informed.



It is important that the prevention, investigation and management of all alleged bullying be an ongoing process in this school.  Central to the prevention of bullying is our strong ethos of RESPECT for one another in this school.

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